U.S. WWII Browning M1917 Machine Gun Water (Steam Condensing) Can
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New Made Item: US .30 Cal Browning Second Generation M1 Steam Condensing Can with Bottom Rim and all brass caps.

Dimensions: 13.5″ x 7.5″ x 4.5″

Note: No rubber washers were used on the bottom plug for these, so some seepage is normal. Greasing the threads can prevent this.

The M1917 Browning machine gun is a heavy machine gun used by the United States armed forces in World War I, World War II, Korea, and to a limited extent in Vietnam; it has also been used by other nations. It was a crew served, belt-fed, water-cooled machine gun that served alongside the much lighter air-cooled Browning M1919. It was used at the battalion level, and often mounted on vehicles (such as a jeep). There were two main iterations of it: the M1917, which was used in World War I; and the M1917A1; which was used thereafter. The M1917, which was used on some aircraft as well as in a ground role, had a firing rate of 450 rounds per minute; the M1917A1 had a firing rate of 450 to 600 rounds per minute.

In 1900, John Moses Browning filed a patent for a recoil-powered automatic gun.[2] Browning did not work on the gun again until 1910, when he built a water-cooled prototype of the 1900 design. Although the gun worked well, Browning improved the design slightly. Browning replaced side ejection with bottom ejection, added a buffer for smoother operation, replaced…

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