Original Soviet Russian 1941 Cossack Shashka Saber with M-1891/30 Mosin-Nagant Bayonet – Marked CCCP
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Original Item: Only One Available. Remember Dr. Zhivago? Imperial Russia, known as the Soviet Union after the revolution of 1917, did away with anything and everything that reminded it of an imperial past. This included markings on weapons as well as nearly everything else. This also included the legendary Shashka Sabers used by Cossack forces for centuries.

The Shashka saber, and there are varied spellings of the name, was developed in the 13th century. and there is a well known photograph of the Russian Tsar Nicholas the Second wielding one during military exercises in the 1890s. With the close of WW1 in 1918 the Cossacks tended to support the dethroned Tsar against the Bolshevik Communists. The new Soviet army immediately banned any Cossacks from entering it’s military forces in 1918 and this ban remained in force until 1936 when Cossack units were again introduced.

This is a classic Soviet Cossack cavalry Shashka (Shashqua) saber that bears a “Hammer & Sickle” Soviet insignia over an Eagle and has C.C.C.P. cast into the brass hilt pommel. This model of Shashka saber was never fitted with any hilt or cross guard. The 32″ blade which is still highly polished has Soviet armorer markings and is dated 1941.

The traditional Shashqua scabbard is constructed of a canvas covered wood body which is coated in…

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