Original Japanese WWII Type 4 Ceramic Hand Grenade in White Clear Glaze – Inert
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Original Items: Very Few Available. Just received from a large bulk deal! We have acquired some of these very nice inert demilitarized genuine Japanese Type 4 Ceramic Hand Grenades. The bodies are the standard off white ceramic construction, and all have a clear glaze around most of the body.

Condition on these varies, and some do have chips around the fuze bolster on the top of the grenade body. There also may be some dirt on the inside, light stains, and so forth, so if you want a top quality example, hand selection is recommended.

These are genuine original Japanese Type 4 grenades, offered at a very attractive price. These will not last long!

The Type 4 Grenade or Ceramic Grenade was a “last-ditch” hand grenade developed by the Imperial Japanese Navy in the closing stages of World War II.

By late 1944 and early 1945, much of the industrial infrastructure of Japan had been destroyed by Allied strategic bombing, and there was a growing shortage of raw materials due to Allied naval blockades and submarine warfare. Lacking in metals to mass-produce hand grenades in the vast quantities that would be needed against the projected Allied invasion of Japan, the Imperial Japanese Navy Technical Bureau developed a design for a cheap, easy-to-make grenade made of ceramic or porcelain materials. Kilns famous for the production…

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