Original Italian Vetterli M1870 Carbine by Torino Serial A 8553 missing Rear Sight & Bayonet – dated 1882
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Original Item: Only One Available. The M1870 Vetterli is a somewhat strange looking carbine, however these were no doubt quite effective in Italy during the 1870s. The M1870 Vetterli Long Rifle was the Italian service rifle from 1870-1887, and was a single-shot bolt action rifle chambered for the 10.4mm Vetterli centrefire cartridge. This was first loaded with black powder and later with smokeless powder. The M1870 was based upon the M1869 Swiss Vetterli but simplified for economy. Starting in 1887, all model 1870s were updated to the M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali variant, which has a 4 round magazine and other changes. Many of the rifles were later converted to work with 6.5mm ammunition after 1915, making unconverted Vetterli rifles hard to find.

The carbine versions however were generally not converted, either for use with a magazine or for the 6.5mm ammunition. They were mostly taken out of service, or put into use in rear line use.

The interesting feature of the 1870 Carbine is that it was issued with a rather long socket bayonet, intended to give the trooper reach when confronted with a Cavalryman. This bayonet is stored by being reversed on the barrel front and pointed backward when not in use, as there was a purpose built slot in the carbine’s fore stock to accept the blade of the socket bayonet. Finding a carbine…

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