Original Imperial German WWI Era Prussian Hussars Light Cavalry Bearskin Busby with Red Bag
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Original Item: Only One Available. Here we have a fantastic Imperial German Hussar’s Busby or Pelzmütze (Fur Cap), intended for EM/NCO’s or Mannschaften “Other Ranks” soldiers. Busby is of course the English name for the Hungarian prémes csákó (“fur shako”) or kucsma, a military head-dress made of fur, originally worn by Hungarian hussars. In its original Hungarian form the busby was a cylindrical fur cap, having a bag of colored cloth hanging from the top. The end of this bag was attached to the right shoulder as a defense against sabre cuts.

After this time the size and design were scaled down, and they became much more for looks than for actual protection. This example is very similar to the British Busby used by Hussars, but is definitely German. The exterior bearskin wrap shows it’s 100+ year age and the helmet comes with its red slouch bag hanging over the left ear. On the front is a banner helmet plate with the Prussian Motto MIT GOTT FÜR KÖNIG UND VATERLAND (With God for King and Country, i.e. Prussia) on it. The busby comes complete with its steel fit leather chinstrap, indicating EM/NCO issue, still attached to the side lugs. Unfortunately however the chin strap is broken near the middle where it hangs over the top of the busby.

It is complete with a Prussian (black and white) cockade…

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