Original German WWII Grenade BZ 39 Ignition Fuze – Inert
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Original Item: Very Few Available. These are genuine Bz39, (Brennzünder 39) Ignition Fuze 39, which was the standard fuze in use for the Eihandgranate 39 Egg Hand Grenade and also the Model 43 Stick grenade. These are perfect for replacing or upgrading any M39 egg hand grenade or M43 stick grenade.

Each fuze will be in good condition and be totally original. Most fuses have original paint and maker markings on top. Colors vary (only blue or red available at this time) which indicated fuze time delay length. To receive a fuze that has wings, please opt for the Hand Select Option and write “wings”.

The Brennzünder Eifer 1939 also known as BZE 39 Igniting Fuze consists of a small cylindrical metal tube containing match composition with a friction wire passing through it and a delay pellet at the bottom. The friction wire has a pull lanyard attached and connected to the cap. The cap is unscrewed and pulled sharply to initiate the delay.

The fuze was made in different delay times, indicated by the color of the cap as follows:
Red = 1 Second
Blue = 4.5 Seconds (Standard configuration)
Yellow = 7.5 Seconds
Gray = 10 Seconds

There are stories of booby traps set by the Germans on the Russian front using modified M39 grenades. Evidently blue caps were substituted…

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